Some of you may recall I have been here before talking about the Business Model Canvas – the one page business plan. It’s what I do with my one to one clients (and I encourage my club members to use the tool too, and provide training and support for them to do so).

So I was happy to find the “1-page marketing plan” by Allan Dib (more info and links below). Finding a way to capture marketing on a single page pleases me greatly!

I was also gratified to see that it incorporates the customer journey – which I have also talked about – see here.

If we look at the 3 stages of the buyer’s journey – Awareness, Consideration, Decision – then the matrix that Allan Dib proposes fits well with that.

In row 1 we have the Awareness stage – he calls them Prospects. I call them leads – but I am always happy to use whatever term makes most sense to a client when we are talking about the sales process or the buyer’s journey. Essentially – it’s the stage where the contact knows they have an issue, they are finding out more about it, and you want them to find you – through your website, social media or whatever.  Visit to find out more and download your own copy (extract below for illustration only)

Allan Dib 1 page marketing plan

So you define who your target market is (we have also talked about Ideal Customers or Avatars!) then you consider how you are going to reach them – both the messaging you will use and the medium.


You need to address their pain points and make it all about them. It is not about you at all at this stage! The medium – well that depends on where they hang out – in person or online – you meet them where they are at – both literally and figuratively speaking

So that’s the first row – all about attracting those leads (or prospects) into your world and helping them to know more about their problems and possible solutions.

Row 2 – consideration in the Buyers Journey world – is all about “nurturing” – building trust, getting to know them better and showing more of yourself and your business. So how are you going to bring them in closer – how are you going to communicate with them during this stage (think CRM) and how are you going to get them to commit and become a customer. If you have an online business this might all happen in the space of 10 minutes – but if you are B2B selling high end complex products and services it could take years!

Row 3 – the “afters” or the Decision phase of the BJ is about delivering value – and continuing to do so. You deliver world-class service – but do you? Do standards slip when you are super busy?

This is the customer retention phase – how can you keep them with you to get repeat orders, to upsell and cross-sell to them

It is worth reminding you here (if you have heard me talking about this before) that every relationship with a customer should be a win/win relationship. Otherwise it is not sustainable. So this is NOT about wringing every last penny out of our poor unsuspecting client – it is about delivering VALUE at every stage, and giving them what they need when they need it.

And lastly – in Allan Dibs’s plan we look at nurturing our clients as advocates for our business recommending us and referring us to their colleagues, friends and family.

So there it is – the one page marketing plan! I actually want to think about how I can develop my own take on this – but it’s a great way to think about your marketing.

You might want to have a separate page for different parts or product streams for your business – or if you have a number of very distinct avatars.

Give it a go and if you want any help or inspiration then give me a shout!

I’ve also just prepared a free download – 5 ways you can have a great week in business! It’s for you if you’re super busy, with no time to take a breath – take a minute to download the freebie which will give you some ideas for how to have a better week next week! And if you have lost the love for your business give this a try!

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