What if I could wave a magic wand – and your business would be perfect?

It might be a pot of money (but what would you do with it)

It might be an extra week to get stuff done

It might be an extra member of staff or… what?

Have you ever actually sat down and thought about this?  Sometimes we don’t take the time – we don’t STOP and consider what it is that we actually need?

We know we want things to be “better”.  But we are either so busy – or just paralysed – that we can’t actually say what that looks like?

So let’s try another question:

I have recently read Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  There are so many things to share from it but today I would like to ask you the “Miracle Question”

Think about your business – and something that you are just not happy about – if there is nothing then think about an area of your life!  It should be something that requires a “miracle” to resolve!

So – if – tomorrow morning you woke up and the problem was solved – how would you know?

So imagine you are struggling with time and sleep and general panic at the moment and you don’t know what day it is!  Or you are living hand to mouth with the bank – struggling to pay suppliers.

If your problem was solved you would know because….

….. you would get up and there wouldn’t be 100 emails waiting in your inbox?

….. you would have £x sitting in the bank and you would be able to pay your suppliers.

What is it for you?

miracle question

Once you know where you are going, it is much easier to come up with a plan to resolve the issue.  Sometimes we don’t know exactly what the problem is until we think about what life would like like if it didn’t exist.

So – take some time today and ponder – what would be different tomorrow if your business problem were resolved?  Maybe you’d be on a plane going on holiday, with someone else in place to run the business?  If only someone could wave a magic wand..

Short one this time – but hopefully thought-provoking!

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